Baking Temperatures: Why They Matter

It's been established that baking is a science, and subject to the laws that govern chemistry, physics and other highly technical stuff. So, it should come as no surprise that temperature matters when it comes to this scientific, yet delicious, endeavor. Have you ever wondered why 350ᵒ F is the magic number when baking cakes and cookies? And why it's so important to make sure your oven temperature is accurate? Knowing how temperature affects your baked goods will help you take control of your baking and help ensure better results every time. Temperature affects ingredients in different ways. For example, cooks are aware that each type of cooking oil has a different "smoke point" (the tempe

10 Tips For The Perfect Pie Crust

Getting pie crust right every time can be a struggle, even for the most experienced bakers. Perhaps you are asking yourself: what could be so hard about this? Why must I struggle? Well, pie crust can be tricky, that's all. Baking is a science, and you can't deviate too far from the formulas. Here are the most common problems: Your dough is too crumbly. It breaks when you press it in the pan. It shrinks when it bakes. It's pale and underbaked. It's too tough. The bottom is soggy. Avoiding these problems is easier than you think. Here are 10 pro tips for creating the perfect pie crust (almost) every time: Keep it cold. Gluten is the enemy of tender flakiness, and cold is the enemy of gluten.

3 Innovative Bakery Trends For 2017

Like all markets, the bakery market is ever-evolving. What are people looking for when they go to their local bakery or supermarket, or shop online for baked goods? The answers may surprise you. Baking is big business, with sales approaching $50 billion annually in the U.S. alone. And, targeting the right products to the right consumers is the name of the game. According to former Nielsen marketing executive Todd Hale, as demographics in the U.S. change so, too, do trends in bakery: "We have never been more different than we are today in terms of our population. Brands that are better connected with population segments that are going to drive population growth in the future stand the best c

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