Trending Now: Late Night Bakeries

Breakfast burritos? Sure, they're great. But how about 2am cupcakes? And don't donuts taste even better in the middle of the night? Admit it. Sometimes you crave something sweet when you technically should be sleeping. The good news is, for a growing number of communities the late night quest for delectable baked goods is becoming a lot easier. According to The Bakery Network, a leading resource for industry information, the breakfast food trend has gradually shifted from early morning hours to all hours of the day. Baked goods--cakes, pastries, sweet breads, etc.--are following suit as everyone from college students to bar-closers to third shifters demand more options than their local 24-h

Survey: Why Do Consumers Choose Gluten-Free?

We've tackled this topic before: is gluten-free really better for you? As the trend toward gluten-free evolves, you probably won't hear the end of it any time soon. It's always interesting to know why consumers do what they do, and we came across a recent survey that asks the question: Are most people going gluten-free because they have a medical need to do so? Or are they just making a lifestyle choice? And if so, why? DSM Food Specialties, a leading global supplier of food enzymes, cultures, bio-preservation and health ingredients to the food industry. released the survey during the Institute of Food Technologists’ annual meeting and food exposition this past June. Here are some of the

The Great British Baking Show Celebrates Challenge

An exceptionally intelligent and creative young baker recently brought to my attention The Great British Baking Show, a talent competition that challenges amateur bakers to create confections that are often complex and obscure, using just ingredients and vague descriptions. Ok, this young person is my son. But still, the show is fascinating. This is a 10-week elimination competition that tests the baking skills of 12 ordinary people (no pros here). What I like about the concept is that it requires contestants to know a little bit about a lot of different things. For example, if you don't have a clue what a Danish pastry is, then you'll be behind the eight ball when they ask you to make on

Top 3 Baking Fails And How To Fix Them

There's nothing quite like following a recipe to the letter, only to end up with a product that looks and tastes nothing like the picture. What went wrong? Do not despair, Baking is actually all about learning from failure, and practice makes perfect. Here are three common baking fails and what you can do to fix (and prevent) them: 1. Your cakes are tough and dense. Why? Overmixing or using the wrong type of flour Mixing is a tricky thing when it comes to cakes. Light, fluffy cakes result from creating the right amount of air cells during the mixing process. This can only be done when you have the perfect mixing speed, temperature and duration during the mix. Also, using the wrong type of f

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