3 Sweet Benefits Of Baking For Others

Most of you probably know someone who expresses themselves through baking. Any event is an excuse to whip up something sweet. Holiday? You know you're getting cookies. Friend in the hospital? Oh, there will be brownies. But did you know that this drive to bake has a basis in human psychology? Baking offers a host of benefits, and it explains why The Joy of Baking is not just the most popular bakebook in America since 1986. It's also a state of mind. Baking is a good thing for a lot of reasons. Here are just three: 1. Baking is a productive form of communication. “Baking has the benefit of allowing people creative expression,” Donna Pincus, associate professor of psychological and brain scien

Baking Mixes: Losing The War Against Fresh

At The Country Oven, we don't scare easily. We are bakers, after all. But the picture above quite frankly gives us nightmares. Just what does it take to produce colors not found in nature? This is called a Rainbow Cake--festive, true. But also kind of a hot mess full of questionable ingredients. Pardon us if you enjoy Rainbow Cake. The point is, this thing was created using a cake mix, and this iconic staple of the American pantry is rapidly losing favor as consumers are starting to turn away from the inside aisles of the grocery store to spend more time in the fresh food sections. According to IRI,a market research company which analyzes the packaged goods (CPG) industry, baking mix sales d

Where Are All The Bakers?

In a recent report by The Boston Globe, it was revealed that while bakeries, restaurants and pastry shops are expanding, the pool of bakers available to fill positions has actually shrunk. Being the curious type, we wondered, why? Isn't the bakery business subject to the rules of supply and demand, like any other business? The answer is yes, of course. But the baking industry faces challenges unique to it. It's true that in a rising economy with a tight labor market, all industries across the board are experiencing labor shortages. Many states are reporting record-low unemployment rates and employers often have to reach far and wide to find skilled workers. In this environment bakeries a

5 Brilliant Baking Tips For Singles

An interesting statistic recently came to our attention: for the first time since 1976, when the statistic was first tracked, more than half of adults in the U.S are single. And it got us thinking--what does this mean for the baking business? Well, in addition to the apparent benefits to society, the singles boom opens up a host of new questions for people cooking (and baking) for one. Like "Why do recipes force me to make 12 cupcakes? What I am I going to do with all those cupcakes?" So much of the time, we bake because there's a group event going on--company party, family gathering, book club meeting, etc. It's all about quantity, right? Not for singles. When baking for yourself, you need

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