Weddings: Not Just For Cake Anymore

Yes, the 2018 wedding season is fast upon us. Bridal shows are in full swing, venues are gearing up for another round of receptions, and female entourages everywhere are mentally bracing themselves for the possibly unflattering dresses they will have to wear in front of everybody. Let us add to this list the planning of the ubiquitous wedding cake. The lovely tiered and frosted confection designed to delight, amaze and leave a lasting impression on friends and family. Topped, of course, with that little bride and groom thing, or some such festive decoration. I love wedding cake. It is so tasty and beautiful. However, ideas about exactly what it is are changing. Much like a bridesmaid dress,

Bakery Gone Wild: The Rise Of Designer Croissants

Forgive me if I am distracted. I just read an article titled--I kid you not-- "First Doughnuts Went Haywire. Now Croissants Are Next". Now, this is just the kind of article that would catch the attention of a serious baker. In the end, the topic was one that has intrigued me for a while. See, it turns out that doughnuts and croissants are but two of the many bakery items that have gotten glamorous overhauls in recent years, thanks to social media. Just when did bakery become more style than substance? It's hard to say, but these days, it seems that what the thing looks like is more important than what it tastes like. And, concepts and flavors have gotten increasingly complex. You know what

"Green" Baking: Why Sustainability Matters

Sustainability can be defined as "avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance". As a practice, it can be applied to any endeavor. In the business sector, everyone from car manufacturers to tech companies to grocery stores are now committing to managing the "triple bottom line"--people, profits and planet. So what does this mean for the baking industry? What are the implications of sustainability for bakeries at every level--home, local and national? This is the main topic at the upcoming American Society of Baking's BakingTech Conference, scheduled for Feb. 25-27 in Chicago. Whether it’s finding ways to reduce turnover, energy usage and water

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