Amazon: Primed And Ready To Take Whole Foods To The Next Level

Whole Foods Amazon

Here at The Country Oven we are all about foods that bring people closer to their homemade roots. Remember when the stuff we ate contained ingredients we could pronounce? Well, we have this core value in common with Whole Foods, the nation's largest retailer of natural and organic consumables.

And what's going on with Whole Foods? Well. in case you haven't yet heard. it was purchased by Amazon in August for over $13 billion, and the retail food industry is abuzz with the possibilities. What will Amazon do with this new holding? Well, they've already cut prices on many items by up to 43% . But that is apparently just the beginning.

Enter Prime. Or more specifically, Prime Now, Amazon's 2-hour delivery service. Industry analysts expect Prime Now to drive up to 1/3 of Whole Foods future growth, as the popularity of grocery delivery service continues to rise across the nation.

Food delivery is not a new concept. Large urban markets have enjoyed this convenience for years. What Amazon brings to the table is unprecedented scope and reach, and the power to put previously unaffordable organic and natural foods within reach. The plan is to integrate the Amazon Fresh service with a Whole Foods grocery delivery program, as an add-on to Prime membership. The current additional cost of the Fresh Add-on is $14.99, billed monthly. Products will also be sold via Prime Pantry.

Prime members will also be automatically eligible for extra Whole Foods discounts and store perks. Amazon Lockers will be set up in Whole Foods locations, and with this feature all 460 Whole Foods now under the Amazon umbrella can act as pickup points for shoppers who prefer to spend less time at the grocery store.

So, access to Whole Foods products will lure some into the Prime program, while others will prefer to do their shopping in person. Either way, with the price cuts, ease of access and potential growth of not only Whole Foods but the Prime Now program, both Amazon and consumers can potentially win big here, Is this the future of grocery shopping? Amazon is banking on it. Stay tuned for more news as it unfolds.

What do you think of the Whole Foods acquisition? What will it mean for you? Enjoy your new organic, natural Whole Foods lifestyle, and happy baking!

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