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Weddings: Not Just For Cake Anymore

wedding cookies

Yes, the 2018 wedding season is fast upon us. Bridal shows are in full swing, venues are gearing up for another round of receptions, and female entourages everywhere are mentally bracing themselves for the possibly unflattering dresses they will have to wear in front of everybody.

Let us add to this list the planning of the ubiquitous wedding cake. The lovely tiered and frosted confection designed to delight, amaze and leave a lasting impression on friends and family. Topped, of course, with that little bride and groom thing, or some such festive decoration.

I love wedding cake. It is so tasty and beautiful. However, ideas about exactly what it is are changing. Much like a bridesmaid dress, this crucial element to any wedding is not one style fits all--at least, not any more.

wedding cupcakes

Traditional wedding cakes are giving way to more creative options

There will always be traditional wedding cake. But these days about 20% of couples are opting for other choices. Cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, doughnuts and even pies are making their way onto the wedding dessert table. And, with many couples looking to get more style for less cash, these options are particularly attractive. At about half the cost of cake, (factoring in cutting fees), cupcakes, for example, are an affordable option.

wedding cake alternative

Want to do something fun with cookies? Your wedding is an ideal occasion to use them to showcase your unique style. Guests expecting something traditional will be delighted to see a cookie tower, or individual small plates with a themed cookie on each one. Check out these unique wedding cookie ideas.

Can't get enough cupcakes? Well, you're in luck, because they are still a hit at weddings and there's a lot you can do with them. Layer them on a stand with a cake tier for a unique spin on the usual, or create cupcake bouquets and use them as table centerpieces.

But what about doughnuts?, you ask. Hey, there are no rules here. One of the hot trends for 2018 is the "doughnut wall". This could be a fun backdrop to your dessert table, or just serve individual wedding doughnuts instead of cake slices,

For great visuals of what your eclectic dessert table could look like, check out this idea page. It shows you how a mix-and-match of cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pies and cake pops can work beautifully together to make your wedding reception truly special,

Still not sure that a non-traditional dessert option is right for you? I leave my favorite option for last. No one, no one, will not love this fortune cookie. Well, at least they will never forget the bride and groom who chose humor over stress for their special day. If you are planning a wedding this year, congratulations to you. And remember--your choice of dessert can make your day fun and memorable, so don't be afraid to do something different!

wedding cookies

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