Blissful Indulgence And Other Bakery Trends For 2020

Blissful indulgence

Consumer trends have always been a product of the times they reside in. Bakery appears to be no exception. According to Jennifer LaPaugh, senior director for channel marketing at Dawn Foods, uncertain political times will have a big influence on the baking industry in 2020. She identifies at least 8 trends that bakers across the country should be aware of:

Blissful Indulgence-- Ah, the sweet taste of comfort. When times get tough (think Depression-era crowds flocking to movie theatres), the tough get to eating indulgent desserts. In the coming year look for new and innovative kinds of ice creams, pastries, brownies and doughnuts in particular.

Enlightened Eating-- Feeling that they can't control outside forces will drive consumers to find a way to satisfy their sweet teeth in a responsible way, if such a thing is possible. The desire for limited ingredient, free-from-artificial-ingredients sweets is leading to better-for-you desserts in 2020, Lighter fare such as tarts and shortcakes lead the way, with their lower fat and sugar content. Also look for experimental desserts that include nutrient-rich superfoods.

Just-For-Me-- Personal connections become more important than ever in 2020, and bakery is, and always has been, a way to connect. This trend is all about creating desserts that bring people together, as a way to combat the threats to relationships posed by mass production and technology. What does this equate to? More home baking and an increase in home-produced baked goods on the market. An added bonus to this is that consumers get better exposure to all-natural, preservative-free desserts made in small batches.

These are just a few of the consumer bakery trends for 2020. Whether you are looking to escape into blissful indulgence, take control of your sweet tooth or return to the warm, cozy comfort of mom's kitchen, the coming year promises to place new focus on baked goods as a way to cope with uncertain times and return to our happy place. Happy baking!

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